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Online Bookings

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Aircraft Management

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Flight Operations

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Client Management

Product Functions & Features

Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management refers to the management of aircraft related data, to remain compliant and deliver required services to your customers.

Online Bookings

Online Bookings allows your customers, to request flights, view their flight schedules from any internet connected device.

Flight Operations

Manage Pilot and Aircraft licences. Schedule safety meetings and view booking history.


Control your communication by means of SMS or Email templates. This ensures consistency across business areas.

User Control

User access control will simplify user experience by only providing access to items that can be booked or viewed.

Client Management

Understanding your customer life cycle will help create a better and more efficient process.


No system is complete without reporting. WiredAIR, will not just provide basic reports, but will allow for a deep insight into customer life cycles.

Product Trial

Examine, use and test WiredAir prior buying.

WiredAir is a stand-alone product that is cloud enabled, allowing your customers to interact directly from any internet connected device (Computer, Tablet or Phone) on any platform (Windows, Linux, Apple or Android).

All setups are customised to ensure your company image is reflected throughout the software, allowing for a familiar look and feel.

Contact us at anytime to request for your trial to be setup.

Option 1:
Complete the contact form at the bottom of the website and we will contact you.

Option 2:
Send us an email with your information and we will arrange for the trial.

[email protected]

Product Price

The product pricing is based on the following :

Customer base of +/- 100 active users

Asset base of +/- 20 active aircrafts

Software licence is billed per company

DescriptionQTYNon-RecurringMonthly Recurring
WiredAir Software
- Software licence1R 600.00
Infrastructure (100 users)
- Cloud Hosting1R 120.00
- SQL Database1R 150.00
Professional Services
- Project Management1R 850.00
- Installation and Implementation1R 900.00
- 1 x User administration training1R 750.00
Grand Total:R 2 500.00R 870.00

Exclusions and/or Assumptions

Confidentiality of the WiredAir solution is governed by a NDA contract.

Infrastructure to be hosted and managed by Codekicker (Pty) Ltd, however if opted to be self-managed, then requirements to infrastructure will be supplied.

Pricing does not include rework, where requirements are changed after implementation of product.

Pricing is based on a 12-month contract.


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[email protected]
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